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Introduction to Pure Water Business

Pure water business apart from being profitable, also has a very interesting production process, especially for starters. One major obstacle in the business is the cost of setting up your pure water factory.

In my years of consulting for clients who want to set up a water factory, over 60% of clients I started consulting for ended up not setting up their factories after they get to know the total amount involved in setting up their pure water factory.
Let me be very frank with you, setting up a water factory is not as cheap as a lot of people think. I have met clients who think they could set up their factory with a million naira (Two thousand five hundred dollars).

One million naira will only get you some part of the equipment needed to set your factory up. One million naira cannot set up your entire pure water factory.

If, however, you successfully set up your water factory (See the total cost of setting up your water factory), and you have a good working team in and out of the factory, and good vehicle to deliver water to your clients, then you are on your way to becoming a very successful "Water Businessman" 

Pure water business really is very profitable, especially as Nigeria gets into a stable power session, water factory owners will be able to make more profit if the amount spent on petroleum and diesel to power generators is reduced.

But have it behind your mind that you need plenty money (See the total amount you need here) to set up your factory and a good marketing strategy.

One pure water owner I interviewed in the cause of my consultancy work gave me a strategy that worked for him in establishing his factory. He made use of a "one-on-one" marketing strategy and initial free promotion to attract potential customers.
Imagine one morning, you wake up and a pure water factory along your street, just distributed five bags of pure water per flat on your street at no cost. Lets be frank, you will feel indebted, you will want to get your next supply from that factory and over time you may even build a strong loyalty to such factory.

Every business owner must have their own unique marketing strategy. It maybe creating loyalty to customers by supplying water at their doorpost, or periodically giving them free water (it could be a bag or two), or even giving extra bag of water, depending on how large the quantity purchased.

Develop your own strategy before you start your factory. Why you must do this is because the pure water business has become saturated, there are lots of entrepreneurs who are venturing into the business, so to be on the top of your game in the business, and compete in the market, you must have your own well-planned marketing strategy.  

A little bit of advice! When you have started, these things will make customers continue to consume your water or may make them leave you:
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1- Ensure you do not reduce the quality of your water (rather continue to improve on it)
2- Don't reduce the quantity (size) of your sachet or bottled water, make sure when you write 50cl on your label, make sure it is not less than 50cl
3- Always have supply of water in your factory, meaning, you should produce water on daily basis, depending on the demand of your customers, make sure you carry out regular maintenance to prevent a breakdown of equipment.
4- If you are supplying to customers at their homes or shops, make sure your truck(s) are regularly serviced to avoid breakdown, if customers call and you don't get to them, they will find other sellers and you may lose them forever!
5- If you have a customer who regularly buys bags of water, maybe periodically like every week or two weeks, if they have not called to request for supply, after some weeks, do a call back to ask if you should supply them water
6- Therefore have a good customer relationship with your customers and keep a personal record of each of them, particularly phone numbers.
7- Have a way of getting a feedback from your customers about what they think of your water.

Having said this, now you are ready to set up your pure water factory...

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